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50 years of Customer Satisfaction


"You will be impressed with Wade's approach to how to build a business wardrobe that is flexible for both work and personal special events. You will have found a treasured Trusted Advisor on the Business Attire front when you contact Wade prior to your next clothing purchase. He can and will make you look and feel like a million dollars and in today's marketplace that is relevant to your perspective on the days ahead."


Wade Anding

Tom James of Milwaukee

"It is a pleasure to wear the Tom James clothes and I receive frequent compliments."


Darrell Pavelka

Tom James of Minneapolis

"You only get one chance to make a first impression, and in this competitive market, I want to make sure my prospective clients and referral partners always view me as sharp and professional. Katie has... helped me put together a foundation of business clothes that ensure I'll always appear sharp and well-dressed... the rest is up to me!"


Katelin Fore

Tom James of Austin

"Ben Lawler has been my Tom James clothier for five years. As a practicing trial lawyer, I must present myself professionally in the courtroom and with clients. That all starts with the first impression of a fantastic suit. For this reason, I have trusted Ben in assisting me with selecting and purchasing Tom James clothing on an ongoing basis. The quality and fit of a Tom James suit is unmatched by anything I have worn in the past. Great clothier and great company!"


Ben Lawler

Tom James of St Louis

"I have used Joseph for about 5 years to provide me with high quality great fitting suits. He is wonderful to work with and always has ideas that I may not have thought of. I will continue to use him for the years to come because in business the first impression makes a lasting statement. Joseph helps me make that first impression a great one."


Joseph McCoy

Tom James of Portland

"For my impending nuptials I knew that wanted to go with a bespoke suit. So I spoke or corresponded with representatives from two other companies before I had the opportunity to meet with Barry Helms of Tom James. Once meeting Barry, I knew that he - and Tom James - were the best choice for me. Professional, knowledgeable, and focused on giving me exactly what I wanted (after some much needed and well-received coaching!); Barry put me in a quality ensemble (seersucker suit, shirt, tie, belt, & shoes) at a reasonable price. My wife and I were subsequently married on the beach near Cairns, AU where she grew up. The only one in attendance who looked better than me, was my lovely bride, and I received several compliments from our Australian guests. Tom James truly helped make our experience memorable."


Barry Helms

Tom James of Mobile

"What a joy! I have worked with Jim Poston for over fifteen years. My business has tripled over this period? Coincidence? I don't think so. The confidence you have from dressing well with Tom James clothing puts you at another level. Continued success to you!"


James Poston

Tom James of Greenville

"I just wanted to drop a line to thank Tom James and in particular its representative, Eric Hymowitz. Eric was courteous, friendly, prompt, and professional. The suits and shirts are the nicest clothing items I've ever owned and I feel like a million bucks when I wear them. The purchase was a gift to myself for losing 45 pounds. There has been no better reward than the compliments I received at a wedding my wife and I recently attended. The Tom James experience was nothing short of sensational and I will recommend your services to anyone that will listen."


Eric Hymowitz

Tom James of New Jersey

"Paul provides friendly, helpful and professional advice on how to get the best from my suits. The meetings are always fun and he has a sense of humour which always helps. I have used Tom James for nearly ten years and receive regular compliments for the suits that I wear."


Paul Copp

Tom James of London

"I recommend Patrick for three reasons. I feel great and look great when I am wearing the clothing, he saves me time, and he understands my clothing needs with respect to my business. He makes getting dressed in the morning an enjoyable experience!"


Patrick Davis

Tom James of Denver

"Well, Dave, simply but elegantly did exactly as he promised . . . provide me beautifully tailored clothes."


Dave Dobbins

Tom James of Cincinnati

"You've made me look great and have a marvelously positive and subtle way of helping mature my fashion choices, so I praise you wherever I can."


Brianne Porpora

Tom James of New York

"I have worked with Bill Geer since 1997. It is a wonderful feeling to have clothes that fit, feel and look great and wear well. If something needs to be altered, or I need a formal dress shirt, etc. he's just a phone call away. One of my favorite items is the pair of Ferragamo golf shoes that he picked out for me. I still get compliments on them. Bill has made my life much easier when it comes to looking good. I have been nothing but pleased with Tom James and Bill."


Bill Geer

Tom James of Indianapolis

"Being a trainer who teaches courses on ethical influence, I'm well aware that dress impacts a person's ability to persuade people. Katie is an incredible pleasure to work with in every way! She makes the process of expanding your wardrobe very easy and affordable. I don't enjoy shopping for clothes so I really appreciate her flexibility to meet me at work or home, whichever is most convenient for me. Like many men, my wife has final say in whatever I wear so it was icing in the cake that Katie c."


Kathryn Harris

Tom James of Columbus

From Our Clients

"I am basically a thrifty kind of person, but here is the great part about Tom James clothes - they last and last and last! I still have Tom James shirts that are 7-8 years old that still look awesome - pants as well. So in the long run I save huge doll."

Custom Clothier Linda Leggio

Linda Leggio

Tom James of Houston

"Daniel is a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him."

Custom Clothier Daniel Shakeshaft

Daniel Shakeshaft

Tom James of Chicago Downtown
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